Camp@Home was what we needed in this lockdown, for the sections of the 12th Scout Group coming together to Camp in their own homes but joining together with others as the Scouting Movement does so well.  Just before lockdown we had our own camp at Kettleness with all the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts and we had a great time.  But this was different this time it was in our own back yard literary.

We also roped in our parents and they got an insight of what happens when we meet up with our Durham County Scouting Friends.

Durham Scouts did an excellent job from start to finish with their virtual Opening Ceremony to Wide Games (standing in buckets who came up with that LOL??). The Camp fire sing along, Breakfast Club and the Closing Ceremony

The Activities presented by Durham Scouts got our sections involved from Design a Camp Badge to necker flips and Superheroes – the superheroes photos seen on our own FaceBook Page and that of Durham’s were excellent!!!

It was 24hrs of fun and gave all our parents the chance to temporary be a Leader, or was it the parents been taught new things? Did you have a secret midnight snack? Posts by many Leaders and adults on the Durham Facebook Page were a hoot, I think one Leader had the full Chocolate biscuit isle of Morrison’s with him.

Above all the photos and emails received by parents of the 12th Darlington Scouting sections along with the praise, I need to pass on a BIG Thank You to Durham Scouts Organisers and thank you to all that took part the 12th had a Blast !

If any parents wish to help out at section nights or even put a necker and shirt on then just speak to one of the leaders on our return to normality whenever that will be, there will always be Scouting, and whilst we have Beavers, Cubs and Scouts we need Leaders, to carry on the Scout Movement for the future generations.

Below are just a few of our photos submitted over the weekend..


Group Scout Leader


The 12th Go Camping

Just in Time

The 12th Scout Group had their first Group Camp at Kettleness where all 3 sections turned up and had an excellent time . Little did we know at the time that this may be the last one of 2020.

Scouts turned up on Friday night and started to Pitch their tents in the challenging wind at Kettleness.

Cubs had it easy turn up and unpack their sleeping bags !

Once all settled in both Cubs and Scouts had free time to explore their surroundings on the site,

Hot Dogs for supper and a few brain games in the activity hut on  site and we were done, Off to bed and thinking of whats in store for tomorrow.

The morning came and the Cubs were on it !!! Breakfast was being made in the kitchen and a few were helping the Leaders out with cooking. Scouts on the other hand were still in their tents zedding it !, The Scout Leaders we circling  the tents listening to the snoring from the tents and the hunger rumble from their own stomachs.

The Scouts were challenged that they would be cooking all their meals and the Scouts Leaders whilst on camp. Clock watching we (the leaders started to make some noise! we were Hungry!!!). Success was on the cards as the Scouts started to venture from their sleeping bags, whats for Breakfast one calls to me, whatever you cook i reply with a hungry look.

They did it we had breakfast and on all accounts it was really good. Many a afternoon spent back at our scout meeting place and doing various cooking challenges had paid off.

Onto the first activity, the Beavers were due to be on site from lunch time and we had a task for the Cubs and Scouts to build an assault course for Beavers.

The Cubs and Scouts worked as a team putting the assault course together and the Beavers had a great time completing the course.

The Cubs set up a tracking course for the Beavers to follow and the Scouts organised an Orienteering Course for all.

The activities came and went and we all had a great time. 

The evening activity was of course the campfire with songs and skits.

As Sunday came it was much as the same this time the Beavers & Cubs waiting for Breakfast and Scouts Leaders waiting for theirs outside!!!

We finished the camp with a good old fashioned Tug-o-War of which i believe the Beavers won !! 
We Train them from an early stage at the 12th.

We all had a great time and im sure we will do it all again some time soon.

A Great Time was had at Kettleness !!

Cubs Go Bowling

Great finish to term with celebration night of 10 pin bowling. All did really well but stand out bowlers on the night were Jeremy, Josh, James and Charlie – lots of strikes!
We also managed 3 investitures – welcome to Cubs – Sam, Theo and James. Enjoy your summer hols and see you all in September when we start back.