Going for Gold and More !

It’s not every night that you get to hand out four Gold Awards 🥇🥇🥇🥇 well done Robbie, Archie, Will and Alistair for achieving the highest badge in scouts. Four years of fun adventure and friendship.

We also had the pleasure of Oscar gaining his Sliver Award 🥈 as he moves into scouts. (Thanks Akela).

Jess and Florey were also invested.

The deputy district commissioner also dropped by to drop off David’s wood badge.

We even managed a full night of team games to welcome the new Cubs into the section.

Scouts Go on an Expedition !

The Scouts of the 12th Scout Group took in their Expedition over the summer break to earn their Expedition Challenge Badge.

Starting at Elm Ridge they had to get to Raven Gill Scout Campsite

As pat of their challenge they were asked to write a report on their expedition and the following is just that in their own words.

Scout trip to Raven Gill Campsite. (Report 1)

We started our journey at Elm Ridge as we walked to Darlington station. Upon arrival we grabbed a snack and got on the train to Thornaby station then to board another train to Danby. Once at Danby we began a long hike to the campsite. We pitched tents and started unpacking and making some pasta and pesto.

We played games on the field explored the campsite and ended the night with a hot chocolate.

The next morning we woke to the sheep and started packing we later had some breakfast and put down the tent washed up and cleaned teeth. After we played around in the grounds one last time we finished packing up all the stuff and made our way to the station got on the train and arrived at Darlington.

By Josh, Alistair, Summer and Edmund

Darlington Train Station
Darlington Train Station

Scout trip to Raven Gill Campsite. (Report 2)

We set off from elm ridge and accidentally split up from another four, we walked to the station where we bought coffee and hot chocolate, we then boarded the train and got off Thornaby and boarded another train to Danby. Once we started the walk Archie got us lost making us have to retrace our steps and find our way. On our way back we saw a dog which started barking. We followed a path west until we found a field and then walked up the road. We walked on a path surrounded by heather for almost a mile until we found a birch forest and walked through it having to take numerous breaks as Robbie got blisters. Once we passed the forest we followed a path to box hill and stopped again. We then followed the ESK way bridleway until we found another path. We walked by lots of farms and took multiple breaks but we finally met up with the other half of the group, unfortunately they ran off. One of them dropped their bottle so we had to carry that and shouted at them that we had their bottle but they didn’t listen. We carried it for about half a mile until summer stopped for it. We eventually arrived at the camp.

Once we arrived we pitched our tents in the rain and set up the event shelter. We cooked pasta and pesto and had cake and custard for dessert. Me, Fraser and Henry went exploring the site and found a dead sheep which we thought was pregnant but wasn’t. We informed the warden and then played hide n seek and lighthouses in the dark. After that it was lights out but not many of us actually slept. In the morning we put our tents down, Robbie’s very slowly, and had our breakfast. We then took down the event shelter and took the bags to Nigel’s car where they got packed away. With plenty of time to spare we were allowed 20 minutes of free time before setting off to get on the train and head back to elm ridge.

Freya, Henry and Fraser (but mostly Freya 😆)

Scout trip to Raven Gill Campsite. (Report 3)

We set off from Elm ridge and walked to Darlington train station and caught the train to Thornaby  and from Thornaby to Danby station and from there to Raven Gill campsite, we only got lost one time at the start and it was mostly smooth sailing from there. At the campsite we made pasta and pesto with hot dogs and tuna. Later that night we played a few wide games such as hide and seek and lighthouse. The best thing about the camp was the area we could use”

By Archie, Robby and Will

Scouts Finally Get To Camp

The traffic lights have changed and camping is back on!

The 12th took the opportunity to do a short one night camp on the grounds at Elm Ridge (thanks to the church). For some of the scouts this was the first time they have camped for the others it was a chance to get some more nights away for their staged badge. We dusted the tents off, played the game of which bottle has gas in it and setup camp. First night was all about cooking and campfires.

The scouts made a mountain of bolognese, followed by campfire treats and a few wide games in the dark. Highlight of the night was the campfire song written by one of the scouts for their personal challenge badge. You’ll never hear “take me home” the same way again.

After eating our body weight in eggy bread, Saturday involved a #MillionHands activity making planters, followed by a multi-geocaching challenge to crack the hidden code. Scouts went home tired but happy and a few more Outdoor Challenge badges were completed. On to the next adventure.

All together……

Carmel Road, take me home
To the place where I belong

Darlington, Co Durham
Take me home, Carmel Road


On the 25th of June it was #Takeoverday! Young people from across the UK took control of the social media museums, to empower and make their voices heard. The 12th were in on the action thanks to the wonderful learning officer at Darlington’s our Head of Steam museum. The scouts explored the museum to find items they found interesting and then wrote tweets and posts about what they saw. We heard stories of the items, their past and how the railways built our home town. All of this went towards there Local Knowledge activity badge and Skills Challenge badge for promoting Scouts.

Head over to the museums Twitter feed and Facebook page to see more.

Twtter Feed

Facebook Feed

Goodbye Zoom – Hello The Great Outdoors

The 12th Go Hiking.

After what seems like an age on Zoom, the Scouts at the 12th have been out and stretched their legs. It was time to put those navigation skills learned online to use in the real world.

The hike was an opportunity for the Scouts to complete their stage three navigation badge by completing a 10 km walk, and for our older Scouts, the chance to lead and earn their challenge badges.

Our scouts were split into groups of six, with a lead scout in charge of navigation. Early morning meet at Low Dinsdale, a lot of rain and mud and away they went, alone with nothing but a route card, compass, and whistle (possibly a big bag of sweets).

The walk took them across fields, through forests and to potentially face the mighty Sock Burn worm.  Teamwork was needed to bring all scouts home safely, with only a few detours on the way.

They returned tired but having used those #SkillForLife, one more adventure done.