Beavers Get on Your Bike!!

Beavers working towards their Cyclist badge tonight, learning bike control, pumping up tyres and a slow race. Well done to all

This was followed up the following week with a bike ride to West Park Darlington

Fundraising in the Garden

Elm Ridge Church annual Garden Party in the rain went surprisingly well. We had a woggle tower challenge, dart card test of skill, spin challenge and coin drop that raised just over £100 for church and scout funds.

Also there were some strange animals in Scout uniforms at our afternoon fund raiser 😉

Cannon Ball Run 2019

We followed up with the Climb When Ready with a Mini – Cleveland Hike (Morning Hike)

Wil one of our older Scouts suggested this  as an activity, knowing that Wil had already taken part in the Cleveland Hike propper, we set him the challenge of organising this himself, he came up with the route – Winston to Piercebridge with check points and the challenges, ranging from simple quiz questions to puzzle solving of moving a ball along a river bank with only two sticks and a piece of rope.

We split the teams into two Boys Vs Girls, They had to get to Winston on the bus by themselves and meet at the first check point in Winston, They then followed the Route Card supplied by Wil, with the challenges on the way, in the end the boys won by 5 mins once we took off the penalty points at the check points.

Our DC also turned up along the route to see what we were up to, trying to put our groups of the scent of the next check point.

Both Leaders and Scouts thoroughly enjoyed the day and we will definitely be doing something similar next year.