Bikes & Scouts

Tonight the Scouts learnt a thing or two towards bike maintenance at Scouts In readiness for the bike ride in the morning.

Great morning out with Scouts. Very impressed with their riding skills and 20 miles achieved on round trip to Yarm from Neasham. Sam had a tumble on way back but got straight up and just brushed off the scrapes to his elbow and legs – one tough young man. Big thanks to Millie and Rosie’s dad, John, who helped on Friday night at maintenance and a massive help today making sure all went well on the road. And many thanks to Nigel, William’s dad, who made sure he was never more than a few minutes away with our support car. We stopped for an ice cream at Yarm and was very proud moment when it was commented by a couple in the cafe how polite all our Scouts were in the cafe with please and thank you’s – well done parents 😊.

Yet another grand day out and great achievement – May be a sore bottom or two tomorrow 😉